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Brooke Bundy is an American actress and director born Aug 8 in New York City, New York. Brooke started her career as a teen model , gracing the pages of  Seventeen, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Elle  and American Girl selling everything from Kodak film toCorn Flakes to Shampoo to Coca-Cola.  Brooke. went on to Broadway in the Tony award winning play J.B.
Then  on to Hollywood where she appeared in over 300 guest star roles over 20 features (Gunsmoke, Bonanza,FBI,CHIPS,The Man In The Santa Claus Suit (Fred Astaire) 

and  many episodes of The Mod Squad to The Brady Bunch and

Mission Impossible ,Charlie's Angels and

Land Of The Lost followed by Star Trek: The Next Generation:The Naked Now ... and many more) including the feature " FIRECREEK" (James Stewart and Henry Fonda) to name just a few,.

She was Rebecca ( Hope's nanny ) in Days of Our Lives for 3 1/2 years and Diana Taylor on General Hospital  also for approximately 3 years. She is well remembered  as Elaine Parker  the very bad mommy and  for losing her head in The Freddy Krueger hit horror films A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:Dream Warriors (1987) and its sequel A Nightmare On Elm Street 4:The Dream Master (1988).Brooke later appeared in the film documentary Never Sleep Again:The Elm Street Legacy by Daniel Ferrand.

 Brooke stopped acting several years ago and began a successful career as an agent/ manager and highly respected coach discovering many well known actors and actresses. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her 2 dogs and 2 cats  happily practicing Nichiren Buddhism with the SGI having been a member for 33 years. Brooke looks forward to her next convention and meeting amazing fans on a one to one basis.

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